Ashton and I have been talking about going to Japan for awhile now. We considered going for our honeymoon but didn’t have the time, and promised ourselves we would after we got married and things settled down a bit. We had an incredible time, and it really was a life experience being in a place so far from home. Being submerged in a different culture, surroundings and language really was amazing.

We had ideas about the different things we would experience in Japan from our planning, but I’d still like to highlight a few tidbits, noting that most of my expectations were exceeded.

  • The locals were polite everywhere, often going out of their way to help us
  • I’d never felt unsafe no matter how busy or off the beaten path we were
  • I never once saw any hostility towards us or between anyone our whole trip — people are courteous and mind their own business, busy areas flowed like a well oiled machine
  • Service was solid everywhere we went, be it the tourist sites, small shops or restaurants; tipping is nonexistent (and sometimes considered an insult)
  • Every aspect of day-to-day life looked extremely efficient, particularly in all the high population areas
  • Hardly any bathrooms had soap or paper towels, weird
  • Big shocker but the their public transportation is something to be envious of

…I’m sure I’ll think of more to add here later!

Check out the pictures below that Ashton describes…
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